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150 per month

1800€ billed per year

10 users

5 published workflows

2,000 task executions/month

100 tasks/workflow

100Gb file attachments

100 emails/day

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Suitable for small businesses without advanced requirements.

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640 per month

7680€ billed per year

10 users

5 published workflows

5,000 task executions/month

200 tasks/workflow

200Gb file attachments

200 emails/day

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Suitable for companies that need increased automation & rich insights.


Custom based on your needs

Starting from 10 users

Starting from 5 published workflows

Starting from 10,000 task executions/month

Starting from 200 tasks/workflow

Starting from 200Gb file attachments

Starting from 200 emails/day

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Suitable for companies with custom business & implementation needs.

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I already have a CRM, ERP and Task Management platform. Can all these systems be integrated to Procify?

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